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Road to virtual Dutch-UK Matchmaking
Tue 28 Nov 2017


Business Platform

Finding and meeting the right business partner

This business platform is set up for Dutch companies who are looking for potential business partners, such as agents, distributors, suppliers and cooperation partners in the UK. Support is open for companies from all sectors.
As a manufacturer, importer, exporter, trader, operator, development partner or professional, you can make use of this platform to find your local B2B partner. The organizations involved, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Netherlands – British Chamber of Commerce, are prepared to provide a maximum effort with helping you to find an appropriate partner. Support is provided by several relevant organizations and multipliers in the Netherlands and the UK.

Process of the Virtual Matchmaking
The intention of this event is to arrange virtual i.e. digital matchmaking between Dutch and UK companies. These virtual meetings of about 30 minutes will take place on 28 November 2017.
Dutch participants are invited at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam for a joint meeting where the matchmaking will be organized, while the UK representatives are able to participate from their own office online.
If you want to participate as a Dutch company, you can register your profile for a partnersearch on this website. The profile contains your company profile together with a description of the contacts you are looking for.
UK companies interested in a virtual meeting with one or more Dutch companies in this database can show their interest by registration of their company profile.

Access the event page here and register your interest


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