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NBCC Brexit Forum 29 March 2018

(...)   As Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, said in her speech: “Trade between the UK and the EU will never be the same again, it is our common task to prepare well for this new reality and limit the impact as much as we can.” The Minister introduced the Brexit Impact Scan and Brexit vouchers – valuable tools for your Brexit preparations.
In spite of the progress that has been made, the complexity of negotiations make one thing certain: uncertainty will remain a factor until the very last moment. “Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” The NBCC will continue to share what we know for certain, to minimize what we know is uncertain and to help companies prepare for, and mitigate the damage of, Brexit. Even, perhaps - realizing how inventive Dutch entrepreneurs can be – to help uncover new opportunities, in a business environment that is changing rapidly and that will be - Brexit or not - totally different 10 years from now.

The deliberations concerning the UK’s exit, the transition period and our nations’ future relationship are all being conducted at the level of the Union. And of course, as one of the founding members of the Treaty of Rome, we expect that the Dutch government will stay loyal to and fully supportive of the collective interests of the Union. Yet the NBCC likely wouldn’t exist, if the Netherlands and the UK didn’t also share a long history of close bilateral relations, in a wide range of areas. Economic, cultural, scientific, educational and security matters.

The UK and the Netherlands are very important trade partners and many Anglo-Dutch companies have invested in either the UK or the Netherlands. Large and small, in traditional sectors and in new, we represent an amazing palette of entrepreneurship. It is only logical for both our governments, for the business organizations VNO-NCW, CBI and for our organisation, the NBCC to help companies prepare for and mitigate the damage of Brexit, and to help unlock any new opportunities it may bring. Recognizing all of our common concerns and friendship is essential for both the nearer and the farther future. Our longstanding relations can even help The Netherlands in becoming very well prepared and to become the number-one trading channel to and from the UK, linking the UK with the rest of Europe, as Mrs Kaag suggested in her speech. 
We hope you considered the NBCC Brexit Forum event to be useful- you can read the event review here. We thank you for attending our event and look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming events!

Drs. Lyne Biewinga MBA
Director Premier Membership & Membership
The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC)
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