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Event review: So what? How to sell your story to the media



So what? How to sell your story to the media

NBCC members and prospect members enjoyed a very interesting seminar ‘So what? How to sell your story to the media’ by Citysavvy on the 27th of February hosted by ING in London. During the first part Julian Rea talked about how to attract the interest of journalists. One of his key messages was to always ask yourself the question ‘So what?’ Why would a journalist be interested in your story? How do you want your business to be portrayed and what need does your company fulfil? Remember to back up your story with proof points and that it should never be a sales pitch. 

In the second part Jana Sanchez interviewed Erik de Wit from Playpadel Ltd., a company promoting Padel tennis in the UK. Apart from some general questions she asked him some tricky ones which were filmed and afterwards reviewed on TV. This was very useful for all the different type and size of companies present; everybody could take something away from it. Always make sure you have an answer even if you don’t know the facts; make sure you bridge. As Jana pointed you might have zero control over what they write but you have 100% control on what you say. She explained the ABC toolkit; always acknowledge the questions, bridge to your story and communicate your story.

The seminar was followed by networking drinks and nibbles provided by the ING and everybody left with a goodie bag which was generously provided by Rituals.



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