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NBCC Insights: Opportunities in the UK automotive sector



Opportunities in the UK automotive sector

The NBCC has recently compiled a report whch focuses on the structure of the UK automotive market and the commercial opportunities available in the sector. The UK has a substantial and expanding automotive manufacturing base while the Netherlands has a well developed sector of suppliers to the automotive industry. At the moment this sector is largely focussed on Germany and the UK as a market for automotive supply appears to be underdeveloped. The domestic UK supply chain is relatively weak. On average only a third of the parts that go into vehicles manufactured in the UK are sourced from the UK. Stepping up the amount of UK content is dependent on a stronger automotive supply chain in the UK. The NBCC intends to increase the focus on the UK automotive market and we are working on a programme of activities to provide the Dutch automotive manufacturers and service providers with tangible information and support to expand their position in the UK market. As a starting point we will organise a targeted seminar for the Dutch automotive sector this autumn or early spring 2015. The full report Opportunities in the UK automotive sector can be obtained by contacting the NBCC here.


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