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UK Elections 2015 – NBCC Premier Member’s review meeting.



NBCC Premier Members Meeting, 16 February 2015

With the elections looming in the UK, 15 NBCC Premier Members gathered in mid-February at the British Ambassador’s residence in the Hague to discuss what different outcomes might mean in the UK and Europe.

Hosted by the British Ambassador, Sir Geoffrey Adams and NBCC Chairman, Anton Valk, discussions asked if single party dominance was a thing of the past and, hence, the likelihood of another coalition party.

One of the biggest influences was believed, by those in attendance, to be the current position of parties on a referendum on Europe, something Prime Minister Cameron has confirmed will take place should he be returned to power in May. Other parties, however, are less eager.

The group also noted that, although often portrayed as anti-European, the current British government continues to show support for a reformed European Union with priority areas – something other European nations are also expressing the need for.

Within this framework, Sir Geoffrey touched on the ‘trust and like-mindedness’ of the UK and Netherlands who the British government continues to see as a natural partner. This, together with the appointment of the Netherlands as Chair of the European Union for the first six months of 2016, the attendees believed there would be an even greater platform for co-operation in the future.

Ambassador’s support

In support of that co-operation between the two nations, Sir Geoffrey confirmed the availability of the Residence for use by the Anglo-Dutch business communities. To that end, guests were given a guided tour of the magnificent building, which has recently been refurbished, and its many works of modern and contemporary art.

The meeting ended with the announcement of the British Ambassador that in the run-up to the elections, a number of activities will take place for which he will seek the co-operation/input of the NBCC and its Premier Members.

Premier members in attendance included representatives from: ING, ABN AMRO, Akzo Nobel and Philips Electronics.

 About the Premier Membership of the NBCC:

It is the support, sponsorship and partnership of Premier Members that enables the NBCC to continue its work to promote and grow trade and investment in and across the UK and Netherlands.


Premier Members of the NBCC are predominantly international corporates with substantial business interests in the two countries serviced by the NBCC, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


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