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The Netherlands reports record amount of foreign investment in 2014



The Netherlands reported record levels of capital investment by foreign companies in 2014, spurred by an attractive international business climate. 

The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) helped to attract  187 new foreign investment projects to the Netherlands in 2014, representing nearly €3.2 billion in planned investment and the creation of 6,304 new jobs. New investment projects include headquarters, manufacturing facilities and data centres.

"Investors are rightly seeing many opportunities to invest in the Netherlands,” commented Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Henk Kamp. “Our well-educated labour force, world-class digital infrastructure, and the recovering economy work like a magnet for investors. The rest of the world is not standing still, however. It is important to continue to aim high in order to ensure our country remains attractive for new business".

Minister Kamp and his colleague Lilianne Ploumen, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, are jointly responsible for overseeing the work carried out around the world by the NFIA.

“Trade and investment provide jobs in the Netherlands. That is evident again from these results”, said Minister Ploumen. “Dutch embassies all over the world are therefore supporting the effort to attract international companies to the Netherlands. We want to convince more international startups that the Netherlands is the right place to innovate. Because that is where we still have a lot to win.”

The Netherlands in demand worldwide

The United States (US) remains the country of origin for the majority of inward investment. American investors fueled Dutch growth by resulting in 65 projects and more than 2,300 jobs. China followed in second place, with 28 projects and more than 500 jobs. Neighbouring markets, in particular the United Kingdom, remain important economic partners as many foreign companies take the next step into mainland Europe via the Netherlands.




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