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NBCC Insights: Atradius' views on UK economy and sectors - March 2015



Atradius, the leading credit insurance provider, has published an excellent English language report focusing on the recent economic trends in the United Kingdom.
The report contains the following main conclusions about the UK:

  • Economic growth rates are improving as unemployment is falling and exports rising.
  • The current account deficit remains a problem for the British economy but due to the good development in the last years it's improving.

  • When the British people will elect their new parliament this won't be only interesting for them. A succes of David Cameron and his Conservative Party will most probably lead to a referendum on the exit of the UK from the European Union which result is totally open. But it would definitely have a big impact on the EU.

In a separate Dutch language section, the report provides market monitor insights in the UK construction and automotive industry.

The full report will be emailed to NBCC members. Please contact us here in case you would like to make an enquiry about the report.



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