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NBCC Event Review: APG: Investing to secure pensions



With the largest Dutch pension fund ABP as one of its biggest clients, APG Asset Management invests and manages the capital of Dutch pension funds and is aiming at realizing a good and affordable pension for both current and future generations. One of the key drivers in this organisation is the responsibility APG has for securing pensions for millions of Dutch firemen, policemen, teachers and civil servants. Worldwide, APG Asset Management is one of the largest pension capital investors. With significant investments in the UK (€ 22.7 bln), APG Asset Management is a prime example of successful Anglo-Dutch co-operation.

In a recent meeting for premier members of the NBCC, APG gave an insight in its key activities with special focus on its portfolio of investments in the UK. With significant shareholding in utilities such as Thames Water, APG nowadays is a major player in the UK.

During the session, and following an introduction of NBCC Chairman Anton Valk on the forthcoming UK elections, it was made clear that while the Netherlands and the UK have quite different economies, there are similarities between APG and some of the important pension fund investors in the UK. APG therefore considers the UK, currently but also in the foreseeable future, as one of their key investment destinations.

The APG presentation resulted in a lively debate on APG’s views on the British economy and potential changes on the horizon such as a new Government and a possible “Brexit”. Particularly the latter will impact APG’s client’s decisions significantly having made investment decisions in the UK as being an integral part of the European Union and not as a separate, isolated country. As was also one of the conclusions of discussions involving business representatives and hosted by the NBCC in the past few months, uncertainty and change will have potentially a negative impact on the level of Anglo Dutch trade and investment.

Following the meeting, the guests were invited for an informal network reception.

The NBCC is grateful to the management of APG for the insight into their operations.


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