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UK Autumn Statement



UK Autumn Statement

UK Chancellor George Osborne has delivered his first Autumn Statement as the Chancellor of a Conservative government. The Government has also unveiled its Comprehensive Spending Review, setting out spending plans for the next five years.

Key points

• "We'll put security first" says Mr Osborne, by "taking the difficult decisions to live within our means, and get our debt down".

• "Economic and national security provide the foundations for everything we want to support, opportunity for all, the aspirations we want to build."

• Mr Osborne intends for Britain to become the most prosperous country of all the major nations of the world.

• The Chancellor says that the Government's job is no longer to "rescue Britain", but to "rebuild Britain".


Following the statement, NBCC Premier Member MacIntyre Hudson LLP have produced a highly relevant and informative summary which is available to members and clients of the NBCC. The summary can be downloaded here.


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