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NBCC Statement on UK EU Referendum result



The electorate has spoken and we must move on even though many of our members will regret the decision.

It is now imperative that businesses in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands are provided with clarity, support and representation given the potential changes to commerce in the future and the uncertainty we now face.

Formally the reform agenda as negotiated by Mr Cameron is off the EU agenda as it was conditional for UK staying in the EU. The European economy in general and the Dutch economy in particular now must be the focus and the key issue here is continuation of trade.

The UK Government must seek help and support in preparing and delivering the departure negotiations. As NBCC we know what is needed to keep trade moving and where UK and Dutch business will support us. The NBCC stands ready to assist and has a huge role in supporting all business across The Netherlands and the UK in navigating the stormy waters ahead. Many areas that will be negotiated around trade and competition can be enhanced by getting Dutch businesses to support through representation with well prepared arguments that will enhance the chances of success in the negotiations ahead.

As NBCC we are ready for the task ahead.

The NBCC will soon organize a meeting to inform members on the possible consequences of the outcome of the Referendum for your business. Details will follow shortly.

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