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NBCC Event “Outlook on Anglo-Dutch Relationship” with Barbara Baarsma, Rem Korteweg, Nick Coppin, Jeroen Nijland



On Monday 22 January, NBCC members gathered at the beautiful venue of Rabobank Utrecht for the NBCC event "Outlook on Anglo-Dutch Relationship"

The theme highlighted the second phase of Brexit negotiations and was outlined from different perspectives.

Barbara Baarsma, Rabobank, gave an interesting presentation on the outlook on the Dutch economy. Rem Korteweg, Clingendael Institute, spoke from a geo-political perspective, explaining the current status of the Brexit negotiations, outlining the Ireland situation and speaking about the unity of the United Kingdom. Jeroen Nijland, NFIA, outlined the Dutch investment climate and explained interesting figures on the outlook of the climate. Nick Coppin, British Embassy, outlined the UK investment climate, saying “The UK remains now and will remain in the future a global leader in creating a positive business environment.”


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