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NBCC Chairman Anton Valk met UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond



On Thursday 15 February, the NBCC Chairman Anton Valk CBE met with UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond at an event organised by VNO-NCW. A dozen Dutch companies and branches were represented at the meeting, to discuss their priorities and stress their concerns in the Brexit negotiations. The Chairman spoke on behalf of the Anglo-Dutch business community, giving the NBCC members a voice. He underscored the importance of quick clarity and a transition deal in March.

The need for clarity was an important outcome of the NBCC Member Survey late 2017, which asked the NBCC members to clearly state their company’s key issues in the Brexit talks. He also advocated to stay in the customs union and focus on a bespoke deal for the digital economy.

The Chancellor’s message was clear: Brexit will happen. Do not waste time on hoping the UK will remain in the EU. Focus on finding pragmatic solutions to ensure and retain the Anglo-Dutch relationship to maintain cooperation in the future. We want to thank VNO-NCW for inviting UK Chancellor Phillip Hammond and allowing Anglo-Dutch business to be heard by key policy makers.


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