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This award recognizes an individual woman who has distinguished herself in her organization, her profession and/or her community. The award epitomizes the values for Anglo-Dutch business and represents the best of women and leaders.

The jury will be looking at:

  • Inspiration: motivating and inspiring example for other women in business: an ambassador of diversity & inclusion
  • Business Impact: revenue growth of British-Dutch trade/investment
  • Social impact: powerful, influential, visible in media, socially engaged
  • Leading position in her organisation

Award Sponsor: Lloyds Bank


Lloyds Bank
Elena Paitra
Managing Director, Head of Consumer and Tech, Corporate and Institutional Coverage

Superwomen Academy
Wendy Broersen
Owner Superwomen Academy

Alasdair Henderson
Global Director HR Business Partnering - Civil

Annick Boyen
VP Communications Global Markets and External Affairs EU

Lyne Biewinga
Executive Director Membership

Minke Bijl
Senior Vice President Global Communications & External Affairs