Your partner in Anglo-Dutch Business

Agency / Distributor / Customer Searches

NBCC customers looking to identify new clients, distributors or agents are offered detailed partner searches including itinerary preparation with a view to meet prospective business partners.

Trade Missions

The NBCC organises trade missions to both countries, usually in co-operation with a local partner such as chamber of commerce, export association or trade association.

Payroll Services and Remuneration Advice

The NBCC offers a complete salary and payroll administration for your staff in The Netherlands and/or the UK including transfers of NIC’s as well as advice on salary levels and HR issues.

Company representation services/”pied-a-terre”

The NBCC offices in The Hague and London act as an accommodation address for overseas companies, providing dedicated telephone, fax and mail answering services.

Template contracts

The NBCC can provide you with a range of template contracts related to employment issues, agency/distributor agreements, joint ventures etc. compliant with Dutch or English law. Feel free to contact us to enquire if we have the suitable contract for your needs available.

Company formations

The NBCC can offer you assistance with setting up your BV or Ltd. company or a branch operation. We also offer assistance in registering companies for VAT/BTW in the Netherlands and UK and we can make submissions for reclaiming VAT/BTW on your behalf.

Cultural briefings

NBCC offers cross cultural briefings and training on business culture in both countries for companies and individuals.

Market Research

The NBCC can provide you with detailed market research reports on your products, your competitors, market trends in both the Dutch and the British market.

Seminars and Business Briefings

Seminars are held regularly in both countries on subjects relating to international trade, often organised jointly with local chambers of commerce, trade organisations and / or other NBCC members.


The NBCC can assist you in recruiting new staff in the Netherlands and or the United Kingdom. Our services range from publication of your vacancies on our website to active recruitment via the (social) networks in which the NBCC participates.


The NBCC has a range of up to date business databases available, such as British owned based companies in the Netherlands, Dutch owned companies in the UK and many more

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