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The NBCC offers a full service-package aimed at supporting their clients' business activities on the Dutch and British markets.

Below you will find an overview of our currently available services.

Please contact us to request a quote or further information about our support services.

UK Market Entry Package

Are you thinking of entering the UK market? Use our cost-effective and comprehensive soft-landing package to help ease the transition to operating in the UK. It could take up to a year to have an up and running operation; with the right support we could reduce this significantly!

The package can help with all aspects of the move including but not limited to: moving your personal and business belongings such as cars, setting up a legal entity for your company, finding an office location, assisting with human resources and possible immigration issues, setting up bank accounts, organising insurance, finding lawyers and accountants, relocating personnel, settling in and family support. Interested? For a free consultation, please get in contact via the telephone number or the email address below.

T: +31 6 46178825

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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For specific support on the following topics, please follow the links provided below:

Moving your Goods
Logistics Challenges
Investing in the Netherlands
Setting up an Entity in the Netherlands
Tax and Strategy Consulting
Financial Services
Foreign Exchange
Bank Accounts
Interior Design Advice
Supply Chain Consulting

Brexit Advisory Services

Would you like to know how your business will be affected by the UK withdrawal from the EU? Our staff can provide you with a customised advice on the impact of the Brexit your business operations!

All SMEs can also request a Brexit Voucher from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency that can cover 50% of our consultancy fees.

For more information on Brexit Advisory Services visit our Brexit page.

Trade Missions

The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce has a long term experience organising both small and large scale trade missions within various industrial sectors.

Please click here to view a review of our most recent trade mission organised within the Offshore Energy Sector.

Payroll Administration Services

The NBCC offers a complete salary and payroll administration for your staff in The Netherlands and/or the United Kingdom including transfers of NIC’s as well as advice on salary levels and HR issues.

Company Formation Services

The NBCC can offer you assistance with setting up your BV or Ltd. company or a branch operation. We also offer assistance in registering companies for VAT/BTW in the Netherlands and UK and we can make submissions for reclaiming VAT/BTW on your behalf.

Virtual Office Services

Under this service package, you are invited to use our office in The Hague or in London as your virtual office. If requested, we can arrange a few add-on services such as regular forwarding of your correspondence, etc.

Market Research

Are you planning to enter a new sector or expand your business within the United Kingdom/The Netherlands? Would you like to ensure a smooth entry into this new market? Let us do a market research for you!

Our professional staff will research the market, highlight the market trends, compile a list of your competitors and make suggestions regarding conferences, exhibitions, trade associations and other valuable information that will assist you in your business expansion.


The NBCC offers a wide range of seminars and presentations on a great series of topics related to British Dutch trade, such as UK/NL Business Culture, Employment, Brexit, etc.

Is there a topic you would like us to present to your audience? We will look forward to hearing from you!

Template contracts

The NBCC can provide you with a range of template contracts related to employment issues, agency/distributor agreements, joint ventures etc. compliant with Dutch and English law. Feel free to contact us to enquire if we have the suitable contract available.

Company Status Report

The NBCC is able to compile reports about the background of Dutch/British companies for you. Should you wish to receive a report of a company, including its registration number, structure, financial details etc., send us an e-mail!

Translation Services

The NBCC is able to provide you with professional translations of all your commercial, legal or technical documentations in both Dutch and English.


The NBCC has a range of up to date business databases available, such as British owned based companies in the Netherlands, Dutch owned companies in the UK and many more.