Your partner in British Dutch Business

Through its activities the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce has been promoting a broad approach to sustainability and corporate responsibility. Several of its fora provide useful platforms to engage among others in sustainability, diversity & inclusion and creating partnerships together (see NBCC Fora). 

As an organisation the NBCC adheres to the principles of accountability and transparency, ethical behavior, respect for stakeholder interests and for the rule of law, incl. international norms of environmental and social behavior. We believe a healthy business culture is built around strong ethics, integrity, respect and transparency. By showing commitment we attract like-minded partners and contribute to sustainable social and economic impacts. The NBCC and its members endorse sustainable development and social responsibilities of British-Dutch businesses within the framework of their entrepreneurial actions. 

Stakeholder engagement is one of our top priorities. The NBCC values insights both from inside and outside its business networks, which help to shape, advance and implement CSR and SDG strategies by sharing best policies and practices. Furthermore, with their diverse individual policies and practices, our members contribute to prosperity and at the same time engage in business activities in harmony with the environment and society.