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As employees across Europe begin another working week from the relative comfort of their own homes, Brighton based specialist international VAT service provider Accordance is launching a series of initiatives to promote improved distance working and inter-organisational collaboration across the continent. 

The #AtHomeInEurope campaign is a three-pronged intervention, with measures to support the organisation’s staff, its clients, and the wider community throughout this unprecedented crisis. 

As many businesses are currently experiencing, taking an entire company out of the office brings both benefits and challenges. The campaign, launched by Accordance a week ahead of the lockdown, aims to support its staff practically and emotionally whilst they are not physically present in the office. Initiatives launched include free online language lessons, music classes, cookery workshops, fitness classes and meditation sessions. The company intends to offer selective sessions free of charge to those outside of the company in the coming days and weeks.

Extending these sessions to external parties sits within Accordance’s aim to be a responsible company, and to form part of a business community which is playing its part in international efforts to tackle the virus. Recognising that many organisations are struggling in the current climate, the company is seeking to use its expertise to support others and has launched a free of charge Tax Authority Updates Tracker with real time information on the status of European Tax Authority changes to reporting procedures and schedules. Senior VAT consultants ran a webinar last week on VAT in the time of Covid-19, and are available for free initial phone consultations with businesses who need advice on VAT. 

Finally, Accordance recognises that the restrictions put in place to manage the pandemic come at a higher cost for others in the community  Over the last two weeks, the organisation has organised food bank drops, and CEO Lucy Franklin continues to volunteer with Brighton and Hove Council by establishing further support for vulnerable children.

Accordance CEO Lucy Franklin said: “Now more than ever, businesses must create a digital support network for their workers, while doing what they can to give back to the communities they form a part of.”

“We know that many people are anxious in the current climate, while also separated from support networks. Caring for the mental health of employees has never been more urgent. Simultaneously, those that feel able should be engaging the resources they have – whether that’s time, money or expertise - to help others. We’re proud to be part of the diverse, Brighton community, and we want to give something back as individuals and as a business”

More information about the #AtHomeInEurope campaign can be found here.

More information about Accordance can be found here.