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Bleckmann is a market leader in Supply Chain Management services for the fashion and lifestyle markets. Founded in 1862, Bleckmann has evolved from a transport company into a full supply chain solutions provider with a specific expertise in e-fulfilment solutions. Recently the company further broadened its services in consumer electronics market segment.

Our expertise includes multi-modal freight forwarding solutions, warehousing & VAS, omni-channel distribution & returns logistics, as well as customs solutions. Next to servicing retail and wholesale channels, we have a strong focus on e-commerce logistics.  We distinguished ourselves by being entrepreneurial, striving for excellence and sharing our expertise. Responding dynamically to market challenges we truly understand the heartbeat of our clients. We are engaged and build strong relationships, especially with our business partners, employees and local communities.

From our strong base in continental Europe, we expanded operations into the UK and beyond. Our UK operations started in 2014 and today we successfully operate 2 sites of total 463,000 ft2 of fulfilment space in Swindon and Lutterworth. Globally, in 2020 we generated a revenue of over €373mln, out of which more than 50% of our business is driven by e-commerce logistics. 

We help numerous UK and international dynamically growing fashion and lifestyle brands to expand within their home markets as well as internationally. With the total of about 7 million ft2 warehousing space in the Netherlands, Belgium, in the UK and in the USA we have the ability to handle fulfilment activities for UK fashion brands. Simultaneously, we are also helping various European and international fashion brands to expand their business into UK.

We believe in embracing technology and innovation. While facing higher expectations from e-commerce clients, ranging from more flexible delivery time & return process to more efficient order fulfilment, we modernize facilities and introduce automation to increase speed and accuracy and meet cut-off time for deliveries. We constantly adapt to market challenges, such as Covid-19 pandemic, as well as to our clients’ needs. We continuously improve via leveraging technology and investment.

Sustainability is another crucial aspect of our operations. We work with our clients and other business partners to green up logistics operations. By sharing experience and undertaking various initiatives, we enable fashion & lifestyle brands to get closer to achieving their sustainable goals. This DNA is inherited by our UK team.  We encourage knowledge and experience exchange between all our teams globally. We also leverage existing assets to minimise the negative impact on the environment.

We will continue to empower our local UK team to engage clients, suppliers and local authorities to grow our business and support the communities.  In addition, our European and international operations will continue to help our UK fashion and lifestyle brands to expand worldwide successfully.