Your partner in British Dutch Business
Ebury is a financial services company, specialising in international cash management solutions including cross-border payments, FX risk management, and business lending. We provide expertise and excellent customer service, usually reserved for the bank’s biggest customers, with our innovative technology and unrivaled capabilities. Whether you’re an international trader, an NGO, an e-commerce platform, or a small business owner, our solutions are designed to create a seamless international finance process.
Ebury offers local currency accounts for British companies that do business in The Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. You can open local currency accounts in 30+ currencies in The Netherlands, throughout Europe, and the US  - so you can start doing business right away. With this account, you can collect funds, make international payments and convert to almost any currency. Our pricing is both transparent as cost-effective. Thousands of companies around the globe are trading faster and smarter by using Ebury’s services.