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Interview with Guy Leclercq: Deveho Consulting Group



Our exclusivity in the Dutch market offers an advantage to any UK companies starting up in the Netherlands as all the regulatory hassle is taken away”. Guy Leclercq, June 2021

Our member in the spotlight this month is Deveho Consulting Group as the exclusive integrator of Sage X3 in the Dutch market: this exclusivity offers advantages to any UK businesses planning to, or shortly starting up in the Netherlands.

We interviewed Guy Lerclercq, the Founder and CEO of Deveho who told us more and also outlined an exclusive Quick Scan offer to NBCC members.


Tell me more about DEVEHO Consulting Group?

We were founded over 12 years ago with an initial ambition to support medium-sized French companies with their growth in France, the Netherlands and abroad, with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Naturally, as one of the top 10 Sage partners we had a two-pronged approach to ERP: both as an integrator of Sage Business Cloud X3 solutions and also as an editor of localisations tailored for legal and regulatory compliance. But the demand for multi-country ERP projects was overwhelming and our international expertise developed by a focus on growing our local teams paid off quickly.

Why did you join NBCC?

We joined NBCC to make new connections! Our growth is based on our vision to develop a personalised relationship with each of our customers and find a wider-audience, particularly post-Brexit. Cooperation is inherent in our product also which demonstrates the power of an international solution with the finesse of local adaptation. We now offer a specialised Sage X3 solution in multi-legislation, multi-language environments, and have 85 colleagues based in over 10 different countries: France, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Morocco and Switzerland and additionally by working with other partners, both in the UK and the US. Our customers come from all industries from wholesale to (process) manufacturing through to professional services, and we ensure our consultants are trained to meet customers’ needs relating to new trends in digitalisation and automation.

So what is your key differentiator?

By employing our consultants in each of these countries to work on projects beyond their own borders we bring diverse perspectives, experience and angles to the localised product. Within the Netherlands, our team of 2 business managers and 6 consultants, is quickly expanding. Flexibility and agility are crucial, and although the future of ERP is based on new uses and new technology opportunities including AI and Blockchain, the collaborative approach will not diminish.

Where do you see the future opportunities for NL-UK businesses?

In the Dutch market, as the only integrator of Sage X3, we are also that global business that offers you key local support, in software localised in Dutch, by a local team. Training is aligned to businesses’ needs and conducted in person. This is especially timely after the challenges of Brexit to many UK and Dutch companies. Our exclusivity in the Dutch market also offers an advantage to UK companies starting up in the Netherlands as all the regulatory hassle is taken away by creating add-ons tailored to, and taking account of, the local and international markets. For example, all the legal and financial regulations, stock, production, sales and logistics flows are covered within our solution, allowing companies partnering with us to concentrate on their core business.

Take a Quick Scan!

For all NBCC members we are pleased to offer a FREE Quick Scan audit for companies either based in NL or in the UK: all completed in half a day. The Quick Scan works on standard methodology, and offers an efficient analysis of your business processes and highlights any bottlenecks within your organisation. By interviewing your key users, we can discover the strengths, or highlight any weaknesses, in your business flows.

The consultation will help you to go further with Sage X3. For example, if you are a company wanting to carry out business in three countries, such as the UK, China and NL, our approach allows you to better manage all the account flows, switch between different subsidiaries, have an online and completely current stock record, manage expenses and production flows from the sales funnel through to logistics, all in one place. For more information, then send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..