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I wish to inform you on behalf of the board of directors that Michiel van Deursen, executive director projects and services, has resigned from the NBCC.

We are very grateful to Michiel for his long service to the NBCC. Michiel joined the NBCC in 1989. During his long period of employment he witnessed many changes in the organisation and its environment. In accordance with the strategic plan that was adopted by the board in 2013 Michiel focused increasingly on trade missions, commercial services and strengthening the internal organization.  Thanks to his extensive experience Michiel offered stability and continuity in these areas and was greatly appreciated by clients and other stakeholders. This certainly also held true for the NBCC Board of Directors. Michiel fulfilled his role as company secretary and director of projects and services loyally and with the greatest integrity.  

We are delighted to say that alongside Michiel’s new activities and career, he will continue to use his expertise to organize trade missions for the NBCC. Michiel will, therefore, keep the same contact details for the duration of his continued cooperation with NBCC. 

In addition in the short term, Michiel has kindly agreed to continue fulfilling a number of his current tasks until a successor has been appointed. 

Sincerely yours,

Anton Valk CBE

Chairman of the board