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Can you tell me something about yourself? 

I am Heba Bevan and I am the founder and CEO of UtterBerry Ltd. I’m very passionate about technology design, STEM education and the expansion of hi-tech manufacturing, and my expertise lies mainly within artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, optics, semiconductors, compound semiconductors and communication systems. I have several patents to my name in a wide range of fields from manufacturing and engineering to medicine and sensing. Throughout the years I have won several awards including the Digital Innovation Award from CIOB in 2014, The Construction Excellence National Award for Innovation in 2015, and two NCE Ground Engineering awards. In 2018, I was awarded an OBE for contributions to technology, innovation, and STEM education 2018.

How large is Utterberry? What makes Utterberry unique versus competitors?

UtterBerry is currently classed as an SME and we are headquartered in London. Last year we announced that Utterberry is opening its new manufacturing and innovation hub in Leeds, England and we are  looking to expand into other countries in the coming years.

UtterBerry creates smart wireless sensor systems that monitor a wide range of scenarios and environmental factors. UtterBerry’s robust and flexible system is unique due to its small compact size, all-encompassing monitoring capabilities and on-board artificial intelligence. It occupies a unique position in the market. In recent years UtterBerry has expanded into sport and health sensing as well as 5G technologies.

Utterberry has been the champion of British technology excellence. How do you add technology and innovation to the UK?

We do this through the multiple patents that we hold, representing potential innovations in themselves. We also add  innovation to the UK by how the team at UtterBerry operates and our development approach. Our technology is developed with a long-term vision, not just adding technology but making sure it’s useful technology, working with partners to approach problems that our technology can solve both now and in the future.

What has stayed with you from the NL? What do you think is the best thing about the NL?

The Netherlands is a beautiful place. The best thing about the Netherlands is the people, they are friendly, direct, easy to work with and ready to do business. The country is open to new ideas and adapts well to changes in the world by adopting new technology and ways of working. I am also very impressed with Dutch intellectual property laws and protections, as they are very progressive.

How have you come to be involved with the NBCC? 

During a state visit a few years ago, when I had the honour of meeting the His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands, I became involved with NBCC. I was invited to Mansion House in London to demonstrate our technology and speak about UtterBerry’s work on Crossrail. After this, I became involved in various NBCC meetings, working on ways to increase trade between our countries.

UtterBerry was very keen to work with NBCC to expand our relationship with the Netherlands and working with Dutch companies. We had always worked with universities in the UK and when we started working with NBCC, they introduced us to TU Delft university and provided incredible support to hire Dutch students. Our relationship developed further ever since.

What do you think the strengths of the NBCC are? What makes NBCC's mission meaningful to you?

I believe that the trade links between the Netherlands and UK are very important,  and that  because of these long-term ties we are trusted partners. Post-pandemic, I believe that open and encouraged trade will be key and when it comes to the further development  of artificial intelligence. I believe that the UK and the Netherlands are global leaders in AI, and by utilising these close ties, the countries can do even more.

How do you see the role of the NBCC going forward? Where are its opportunities for growth? Where do you look forward working on with the NBCC?

I think NBCC will play a huge role in the next few years as we recover from the pandemic  and adapt to the post-Brexit market. NBCC can help companies to navigate the new laws, as well as  opportunities for growth and investment. We will see a different type of business climate, and NBCC’s role will be to support companies and facilitate the process of taking advantage of these new opportunities. 

Why would you recommend that all companies involved in NL-UK trade become NBCC members? 

The business climate in both countries is extremely good, not to mention their interesting and ever-expanding technology sector. The countries respect and work well with each other. NBCC  understands how to do business in both countries, and being being part of Netherlands UK trade provides access to new opportunities for investment and growth.