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DeGruijter kroon

Can you tell us a bit about what it is that you do at RDG?

With over 140 years of experience, we are the specialists in the field of international removals and employee relocations. Royal De Gruijter is a one-stop shop for all  expatriation requirements. We can assist companies and individuals with any relocation-related services:

  • international removals
  • immigration needs (VISA)
  • home search
  • school search
  • settling-in services (30% tax ruling, Townhall registration, banking etc)

We assist private individuals, small to mid-size local businesses, non-profit organisations, or large multinationals with employees around the globe.

What is special about the company? Why might a client want to come to you for help?

First established as De Gruijter in 1881, we have been legally allowed to call ourselves Royal De Gruijter since 1920 when we earned a royal warrant for the quality of moving services we performed for the Dutch Royal family. This privilege is bestowed on a few Dutch companies and it is one of which we are naturally very proud.

The title brings certain responsibilities and we have a reputation to uphold. We are committed to providing the best possible service to clients in order to maintain our highly successful track record. Our customers are assured of personal service, provided by staff who are driven by a passion for their profession and maintain the very highest level of integrity.

Do you have any long-term ambitions within the British-Dutch business?

Yes – the UK has been a historical trading partner for the Netherlands and in its wake, we have moved expats to and from the UK. Following Brexit, we have been working hard to continue providing our services in compliance with all new customs conditions and requirements.

We have an extensive network of UK partners which we will continue to explore and consolidate. Furthermore, we want to continue to develop our portfolio of companies and individuals we assist with their global mobility in between the UK and the Netherlands.

This is of course one of the main reason why we decided to join the NBCC network.

What is your outlook on sustainability?  

This is by far the next big step in international logistics (as in our global existence). We are at present investing in 0-emission transportation modules albeit through HVO or electric powered vehicles. Our packing materials consist of 100% recycled materials and waste management is also being implemented in our company. We are open to engage conversations with any logistic partner to learn of other possibilities.

What are some of the market challenges RDG are currently facing and how are you overcoming these?

As of our international removals activity, the current lack of containers in the sea logistics is our biggest challenge. Through our international branches organization and our association with international freight forwarders, we are trying to minimize the inconvenience for our customers with regards of delays and rates increases.

What is the most interesting project you have worked on as a team and why was it interesting to you?

At the beginning of the summer we were requested to arrange for the transport of musical instruments from Amsterdam to Moscow within a very limited time frame. The renowned Dutch Concertgebouw Orchestra were to play 2 concerts there. Although we have our logistics plan in place, with the help of our Russia partners, the concerts were cancelled due to the covid situation. But we are ready for the next time!

So it sounds like Royal de Gruijter is the contact you need. If you would like to read more about the services they provide then visit their website or contact them here. You can also request a price indication on the cost of your furniture removal here.  

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