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NBCC were pleased to interview Costas Papaikonomou of Una Terra Venture Capital Fund, a venture capital fund complemented by a venture studio, providing capital, network & support to accelerate the growth and impact of emerging ESG enterprises.

Can you tell us about Una Terra Venture Capital Fund?
UnaTerra is a VC fund backing European scale-ups in the Sustainability space. By 2030 we seek to reduce CO2 emissions by 2 gigatons and plastic waste by 1 megaton. We are in the process of raising €300M by Q4 2023, and so far, we have invested in 6 companies. All our portfolio companies are unique in that they combine commercial rigour with ambitious sustainability goals. No dreamers, so to say.

What is your USP?
Our focus is on the commercial viability of the companies we invest in, ensuring they’re taking a product or service to market with a paying customer welcoming it. This sounds obvious but sadly isn’t. As the founding team of UnaTerra, we’ve spent our previous careers in consumer markets, and it has surprised us how, in the world of sustainability VC all normal business acumen seems thrown out of the window. 

Why was Una Terra Venture Capital Founded?
To make a positive impact on people and the planet by investing in businesses that are inherently viable. We were frustrated seeing so much good money going after bad in the VC space, with huge sums being invested in poor business ideas.

What is your outlook on sustainability?
It’s pretty clear for everyone now that ‘hope’ is not a strategy for real impact and a more sustainable future. So we look to solve today’s issues with today’s technology.

How important is pushing the sustainability agenda for you?
It is the ONLY non-negotiable for our investment strategy.

Do you have any long-term ambitions within the British-Dutch business?
So far, we have invested in two companies in the UK and are looking to expand this soon. The UK and The Netherlands are at the forefront of innovation in sustainable technology, so we expect plenty of new opportunities on our horizon here.

Why did you join NBCC?
I have been a longstanding member with my previous business (Happen Group). I have always enjoyed and appreciated the inside track the NBCC gives with regards to important issues in NL & UK.

What are your plans for future growth that you are able to share with NBCC members?
We will continue to invest in scale-ups in NL & UK. But perhaps more interestingly for our fellow members, we’d love to share far & wide our insights when it comes to picking the right businesses and technology to invest in for a sustainable future. We’re also always on the lookout for co-investors and investors in our fund (aka LP’s), which might be equally interesting for NBCC members.

Do you have anything you want to add?
Here’s to another great year with NBCC!

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