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As his maximum statutory term as director of the NBCC elapses this year, Anton Valk CBE will step down as chair of the NBCC at the meeting of the board of directors on April 14, 2023.  The board is delighted to announce that Diederik van Wassenaer has accepted the nomination to succeed Anton as the new chair. Anton has been chair of the NBCC since December 2012. During his tenure of more than 10 year Anton led the transformation of the NBCC from an organization with its main focus on services to both governments into a bilateral membership organization which is largely financed by members. Membership income and generous sponsoring by -in particular- our platinum and gold members, together with an open approach to form partnerships has made it possible for the NBCC to play, with a small and effective team a significant role in the bilateral trade and investment relations. Since the Brexit referendum the NBCC has brought British and Dutch Companies together, formed a platform for discussion and information exchange and became an active and effective advocate of the interests of British and Dutch Companies to both governments and the European Commission. This role has, since the United Kingdom left the European Union in 2020, been extended to the key growth sectors of sustainability, technology and diversity and inclusion. Diederik has a long-term background as a senior legal and banking professional. Most recently he served as Global Head Regulatory and International Affairs and Research at ING Group. He is advisor to and board member of various institutions, e.g. the Carnegie Foundation, the owner of the Peace Palace. Having worked and lived in London, Diederik has a great passion for the UK. He is a longstanding and valued member of the NBCC, having previously partnered on the NBCC Brexit Forum and as Chair of the NBCC Stronger Together jury. The external farewell reception of Anton will take place on 28 March from 18.00-19.00 on the occasion of the NBCC North Sea Neighbours Dinner. Members and stakeholders by invitation will then have the opportunity to meet Anton and Diederik.