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NBCC North Sea Neighbours Event 28th March 2023
Shaping the future together

As the Windsor Framework is agreed, NL-UK business leaders are optimistic to start a new chapter in the bilateral relationship driving growth as each other’s 3rd largest trading partner.


Amsterdam, 28th March 2023

The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) were pleased to host their annual NBCC North Sea Neighbours Dinner at the Sofitel Legend The Grand Hotel in Amsterdam.

During this event we celebrated with our members and key stakeholders the longstanding economic relationship between the UK and the Netherlands - now each other’s 3rd largest trading partner.

This dinner came very timely. As Peter Potman, Deputy Director General Foreign Economic Relations at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at The. Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "Now that the #WindsorFramework is agreed, there is space for strengthening of the trade relationship between our two great nations."

The UK and NL governments, as well as the CEOs of our members, showed their ongoing commitment to the bilateral relationship with shared historical trading roots going back over 400 years. To underline the importance of this shared future, the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) handed out the NBCC Awards to individuals and companies that have shown outstanding performance in shaping the future of UK-NL relations during the past year. The awards focused on the key themes of: driving DEI, SME, technological innovation, sustainability and leadership collaboration.

Peter Potman, the Deputy Director-General for Foreign Economic Relations at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized the significance of the Windsor Framework, stating that it has paved the way for enhanced economic cooperation between the UK and the EU, which is crucial for the prosperity of both parties. He said: ‘"Now that the Windsor Framework is agreed, there is space for strengthening of have successfully removed a significant Brexit obstacle, paving the way for strengthened of the trade relationship between our two great countries.

The NBCC North Sea Neighbours event offered an ideal opportunity to discuss the key priorities for economic growth as well as to shape together the agenda of British-Dutch business going forwards. Moreover, the evening gave attendees the chance to lay out their priorities for the longer term.

As we celebrated the best of business in the UK and The Netherlands, awards were handed out to those businesses making a difference in their sector and the bilateral relationship outstanding British-Dutch achievements of the past year:

  1. NBCC Woman of the Year Award 2023 was presented to Dénelise l'Ecluse, Manager Director BSI. The award was presented by David Sloff, Commercial Directors Northern Europe, Diageo. Hans Honig, CEO of Deloitte and Joanna Roper CMG, British Ambassador to the Netherlands. We thank you, partners: DIAGEO, Deloitte and Lloyds Bank.
  2. NBCC SME Award 2023 was presented to Marcel’s Green Soap and presented by Charis Barton CMG, HM Trade Commissioner for Europe, Hans de Rooij, Partner, BDO and Gerben Dragt, Country Executive United Kingdom, ABN AMRO. Thank you to our partners BDO and ABN AMRO for partnering on this award.
  3. NBCC Technological Innovation Award 2023 was presented to UtterBerry and presented by Jan Peter Balkendende, Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands and Minister of State, External Senior Advisor to EY and Nanette van Schelven, Director General, Customs Administration of The Netherlands. Thank you to our partner EY for sponsoring this award.
  4. NBCC Sustainability Award 2023 was presented to Philips and the winner was announced by Wineke Haagsma, Chief Sustainability Officer at PwC and Allard Castelein, CEO at Port of Rotterdam. Thank you to our partners Heineken, PwC and Clifford Chance for their continued partnership on sustainability.
  5. NBCC Stronger Together Award 2023 was presented to Port of Rotterdam & Net Zero Technology Centre for their project “Hydrogen Highway”. The award was presented by Maarten Stienen, COO, KLM, John Ritchie, Tax Director, PwC and Mark Weil, CEO of TMF Group. Thank you to our partners PwC, TMF Group and Unilever for partnering on this important award.
  6. NBCC Special Award 2023 was presented to Marguerite Soeteman-Reijnen and presented by Feike Sijbesma, Chairman Supervisory Board Philips and Honorary Chairman Royal DSM with a huge impact on driving DEI and helping others. for her lifetime achievement oeuvre. The jury recognized Marguerite as an exceptional leader Thank you to our partners: Dutch Flower Group, Royal Lemkes and Protocol Bureau for sponsoring this award.

The NBCC North Sea Neighbours Dinner was a night of celebration as members came together to recognize the achievements in bilateral trade between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The evening was filled with lively conversations and engaging discussions, highlighting the important work being done by NBCC members in promoting and supporting bilateral trade. It was an occasion to acknowledge and applaud the efforts of the many businesses and individuals who have worked tirelessly to strengthen the economic ties between the two countries.

A huge thank you to all our speakers: Jan Peter Balkenende, Joanna Roper, Peter Potman, Feike Sijbesma, Chris Barton CMG, Hans Honig, Hans de Rooij, Gerben Dragt, Wineke Haagsma, Allard Castelein, Mark Weil, David Sloff and Tim De Wit.

The NBCC North Sea Neighbours Dinner was a true reflection of the NBCC's commitment to fostering strong relationships and collaboration between businesses in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. The event was a great success and a testament to the dedication and hard work of the NBCC's members. We look forward to continuing to further build the longstanding yet vital economic relationship between the UK and the Netherlands!