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We are excited to announce a new column that will be featured in the newsletter! We will be introducing a member-written column where industry experts will share their insights on topics related to British-Dutch business relations.

Our members are the driving force behind the NBCC, and we believe that their knowledge and expertise will be invaluable in providing valuable insights to our community. Through this new column, we hope to provide you with valuable information and expert perspectives on key issues affecting our community.

We encourage any interested members to apply for the opportunity to write a column for the newsletter. If you have expertise in a particular area related to British-Dutch business relations and would like to share your insights with our community, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Our current Fora cover a range of topics, including economic relationships, fiscal policy, diversity, equality and inclusion, technological innovation, healthcare, sustainability, SMEs, and more.

We believe that this new column will be a great addition to our newsletter, and we look forward to sharing these expert insights with you.

To kick things off, we wanted to highlight a recent article from the TMF Group that we found particularly insightful.

In their article, "Incorporation in the Netherlands," the TMF Group explores the benefits and challenges of establishing a business in the Netherlands. They provide a comprehensive overview of the country's business landscape, including its favorable tax climate, skilled workforce, and strategic location within the European Union.

However, the article also touches on some of the potential obstacles that companies may face when trying to set up shop in the Netherlands, such as the complex legal and regulatory framework and the high cost of living.

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