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We're eager to enhance our event calendar by adding 30-minute webinars covering topics that can benefit your business on a daily basis. We've already identified several universal topics, but we want to hear from you, our members, about what else you'd like to learn. Please select the topics that are most relevant to you from the list below, and we'll use your input to shape our calendar to meet your needs.

  • leadership skills
  • financial management
  • customer experience
  • remote work
  • innovation
  • AI
  • sustainability
  • personal development
  • Environmental and business law
  • UK- NL business developments

And to close this newsletter, we invite you to join the NBCC Grand Survey, a crucial initiative aimed at understanding your needs as valued members. By participating, you can directly influence the future of our member support.

Your feedback will help us tailor our offerings to align with your requirements and expectations, ensuring a more personalised experience. Participating is easy: click on the survey link provided.