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De Haan


NBCC were pleased to introduce to you our new member Michiel de Haan, CEO and owner of De Haan.

De Haan is your reliable partner and global mobility provider for quality relocation and moving services. You can trust us to offer you personal attention, flexibility and professionalism, as well as efficiency and care. De Haan provides corporate customers, governments and private clients with a wide range of carefree moving services. From international and regional household moves to relocation services.

Introduction and Overview:

  • Can you provide an overview of De Haan and its core services in the international moving industry?
    De Haan is a 247-year-old family-owned company, for 50 years one of the leading Dutch moving companies. The company is led by 8th generation owner Michiel de Haan, who only started at De Haan in 2023 after having been CEO of Dirk, Praxis and the last 8 years Royal Lemkes, another NBCC member. 80% of the business of “De Haan Verhuizingen” are International moves and 20% are Project moves (offices, labs, warehouses). De Haan serves both individual customers, leading corporates like Ahold and Boskalis, but also embassies and large international non-governmental organizations. De Haan employs 80 colleagues and is one of the biggest moving companies in The Netherlands. With 6 moving trucks we drive weekly throughout Europa, also several times a month to and from the UK.
  • What sets De Haan apart from other international moving companies?
    Quite unique in the current international moving business is the fact that De Haan has a very experienced own workforce of 40 movers, of which 8 have celebrated their 25th working anniversary. Moreover, De Haan is a member of the One Group, a European cooperation of the best family-owned movers in 13 European countries, including the UK. De Haan is a member of FIDI but also one of the few Dutch movers who is a member of the exclusive worldwide moving association OMNI. Therefore De Haan cooperates with the best movers worldwide to ensure quality and consistency in its services.

Customer-Centric Approach:

  • Moving can be a stressful experience. How does De Haan prioritize customer satisfaction and alleviate the stress associated with international relocation?
    Both our movers and movemanagers (the person who coordinates your move from the office) are well trained to help the customers. Our customers give us an average grade of 9.2 (on a 10 scale). But it is not only about moving—De Haan partners exclusively with top relocation specialists in accordance with EURA quality standards. De Haan has a relocation network that stretches to every corner of the globe. Our partners work to the same high standards as De Haan does, wherever they are located in the world.

Customs and Regulatory Compliance:

  • Moving across borders involves dealing with customs and regulations. How does De Haan navigate the complexities of international customs and ensure compliance with relevant regulations?
    At De Haan a dedicated Customs employee takes care of all the customs and regulations. Once your furniture arrives in the country of destination it must first go through customs. We ensure that customs is aware of your shipment and we hand over the documents so that the clearance process can be started.

    Our modern storage facilities in Alblasserdam meet the most stringent safety and security requirements aimed at safeguarding against forced entry, theft, fire, vermin, and the effects of temperature and humidity. De Haan is one of the first international relocation companies to be awarded Authorized Economic Operator status by Dutch Customs.

Sustainability Initiatives:

  • Sustainability is a growing concern globally. How does De Haan incorporate sustainable practices into its moving services?
    The 8th generation owner and CEO Michiel de Haan considers himself a sustainability freak who also frequently speaks on sustainability in business, for example at Nyenrode or TIAS. Unfortunately, there is not yet a solution for international trucks, but all other measures like a big solar roof, electric private cars and the reuse of packing material are in place. De Haan has been a partner of MVO Nederland since 2015 and scores in the Top 25% of movers worldwide on sustainability.

Quality Assurance:

  • Maintaining service quality is paramount. How does De Haan implement quality assurance measures to guarantee a high standard of service for its clients?
    De Haan is certified with FIDI Faim 3.2, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and AEO. It has been objectively established that we comply with international standards in the field of moving. Not only the customer's wishes, also in De Haan's vision, a good quality system helps the organization to continuously improve itself. These standards are tested per company by independent, external authorities.

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