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Lyne Biewinga wins award

In a momentous occasion on November 16, the Executive Director of the Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC), Lyne Biewinga, was honored with the 'Outstanding Contributions to NL-UK Trade and Investment' award by the Department for Business and Trade. The recognition was a highlight of the DBT Investment Awards 2023 ceremony held at the distinguished Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club in Amsterdam.


The accolade, signed by the esteemed British Ambassador to the Netherlands, Joanna Roper CMG, underscores Lyne's unwavering commitment to fortifying economic bonds between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Her dedication has not only elevated the standing of the NBCC but has also played a pivotal role in fostering bilateral trade and investment.


Lord Dominic Johnson of Lainston CBE, Minister of State in the Department for Business and Trade, handing over the award, adding a significant touch of distinction to the achievement. The award was gracefully received by Diederik Van Wassenaer, the NBCC Chair, on behalf of Lyne, who was unable to attend the ceremony in person as she was in London.


Lyne's visionary leadership has been one of the driving force behind NBCC's impactful initiatives, and this recognition is a testament to her exceptional contributions. The positive influence she has exerted on the international business landscape reflects the dedication and passion she brings to advancing NL-UK trade relations.


In response to the recognition, Lyne expressed her gratitude for the award and acknowledged the collaborative efforts of the NBCC. She emphasized that the achievement was a collective success, made possible by the hard work and commitment of everyone involved.


The NBCC extends warm congratulations to Lyne Biewinga for this well-deserved recognition. Her exemplary leadership continues to inspire the team and contributes significantly to the organisation's mission of advancing NL-UK trade relations. As we applaud this achievement, we look forward to continued success and collaborative partnerships under our executive director's exceptional guidance.