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NBCC were pleased to introduce to you our new member, Frederik van der Zeeuw, Managing Director of Talbot Brigg

Talbot Brigg specialises in roles across the Strategy and Change & Transformation functions, primarily focusing on the Professional Services and Technology-driven industries, delivering any executive-level role that requires leadership of change, whether it be in a permanent or interim capacity. 

Can you provide a brief introduction to yourself and your role at Talbot Brigg Executive Search?

I’m the Managing Director of Talbot Brigg – Executive Search and Interim Solutions.

At Talbot Brigg - with a presence in London, Amsterdam, and Munich - we specialise in recruiting senior executives across the Strategy and Change & Transformation functions, primarily focusing on Technology-driven industries, and delivering any executive-level role that requires leadership of change, whether it be in a permanent or interim capacity.

Most of the candidates in our network are alumni of top-tier Strategy consultancies with additional management experience.

Talbot Brigg has been operating since 2001. What inspired the establishment of the company, and how has it evolved over the years?

After a corporate career, I switched sides of the table, and became a Partner of a European, then a Global executive search firm, focusing on the Professional Services industry.

I noticed that many of my clients needed to manage change, whether that was for example post-merger integration, divestiture, refinancing, setting up new businesses, or changing their corporate strategy, but didn’t want to use traditional management consultancies.

I then set up my own firm to recruit experienced interim managers with a top-tier Strategy or Big-4 Consulting background and manage their programmes as independent consultants. Next to that, I recruit for permanent executive roles that require the same kind of Change & Transformation attitude.

In 2014 I moved permanently to London, and because I’m a native speaker in both languages I work on many assignments for Dutch companies doing business in the UK, and British companies doing business in The Netherlands.

In The Netherlands, I work together with fellow-NBCC member Larsen Executive Search. Huib Larsen and I have known each other for almost 20 years, and we have a trusted business relationship.

Talbot Brigg focuses on the placement of senior managers in the Netherlands and the UK. Could you elaborate on the specific industries or sectors where the company excels in matching candidates and positions?

We are industry agnostic, meaning that we work across all industry sectors. In this way, we can cross over talent insights and industry experience to other sectors.

In our experience, we are mostly retained by knowledge-intensive, innovative companies such as in Technology, Professional Services, Data Analytics, Aerospace and Mobility Manufacturing, and Supply Chain, including Rail and Airline, etc. Other examples were e.g. Nuclear Pharmacology and Innovative Energy.

We have recently placed a Managing Director UK for a Media company with HQ in The Netherlands, and we’re presently helping a well-established UK Professional Services firm with their expansion into The Netherlands and Germany.

How does Talbot Brigg ensure a tailored and effective approach in placing senior managers, especially in the €100,000.00 or more gross salary bracket?

Every assignment is different, and we offer a bespoke service. We analyze every client, their position in the market, their competition, as well as the key people in the roles we’re looking for as potential candidates.

Over the years we’ve built a large client and candidate database and a network of market data providers that offer us extensive insight into industries, sectors, finance, news, and regional economics, which are at the basis of our intake for every new assignment.

Executive search is a controlled process, and it’s built on knowledge, insights, and facts.

Your goal is to be a high-quality partner with a focus on long-term relationships. How does Talbot Brigg achieve this goal and foster enduring connections with both clients and candidates?

We build relationships with our clients and some of whom we’ve worked with for more than a decade. This means we can offer them market insights, share data about how they are being perceived by external executives and competitors, anticipate on strategic planning, and advise them on talent decisions as a high-level trusted advisor.

But we equally build relationships with our candidates. We always personally interview shortlisted candidates; we are clear in our feedback; we motivate elaborately if they’re not the chosen one. We are aware that we represent our client in the recruitment process, and our quality reflects on the client’s brand. Many candidates, including the ones that didn’t get the job, refer us to other companies or become clients themselves.

Talbot Brigg is known for its proactive approach and eye for innovation. How does the company stay ahead in terms of innovation, and how does this positively impact the executive search process?

Our candidates, who mostly have a background both in industry and consulting, stay ahead of their game. As very experienced interviewers, we learn much about the latest sector developments during our conversations with them.

With (potential) clients we usually speak at C- to C-2 level. When clients discuss their development and hiring requirements, we talk to the CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, Head of Strategy and/or Head of Talent Acquisition. They are our strategic business partners, and they entrust us with their strategic plans.

The acquired knowledge stays with us; confidentiality and discretion are key in our profession.

What is the vision of Talbot Brigg for the future of executive search in The Netherlands, and how does the company plan to continue providing high-quality services in this evolving landscape?

Executive search is a profession, like a solicitor, accountant, or plumber – the longer one does it, the better one gets at it.

In a saturated market of talent attraction, clients will continue to work with experienced business partners like us. Technology has offered many solutions to improve the speed and effectiveness of search and delivery processes. This means that we too can find the best shortlist of qualifying candidates more quickly than a decade ago. This translates in a quicker presentation of top-quality candidates.

However, some very important elements of the selection and hiring decision are subjective, such as referencing, matching with corporate culture and values, and emotional sensitivity. They require experience and real intelligence, over transactional artificial intelligence.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience about Talbot Brigg, your approach to executive search, or the company's commitment to excellence in placing senior managers?

Our niche is finding executives who manage change.

I’d be keen to have a confidential conversation with fellow members of NBCC on their senior talent needs, either permanent or interim. It’s always a good idea to do that well in advance of major change. As we are operating both in The Netherlands and the UK, NBCC is our natural playground.

How can organisations interested in executive search services for senior managers get in touch with Talbot Brigg to discuss their specific placement needs?

Please visit  and read about our services and clients. Under the tab ‘Brochures’ you’ll find our Company Presentation.

And certainly, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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